DOD’s largest IT restructuring reaches milestone


On July 31, the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Joint Information Environment  (JIE) successfully achieved initial operational capability (IOC) by reaching  Increment 1.

According to a release by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the  completion of Increment 1 represents a major achievement as the “JIE is the  largest restructuring of information (IT) management in the history of the DoD.” Ultimately, the purpose of the initiative is to create a secure, joint  environment enabling sharing of IT infrastructure and enterprise services within  a single security architecture framework.

Air Force Lt Gen Ronnie D. Hawkins Jr., DISA director, explained, “This IOC  represents a fundamental strategic shift in how the DoD will operate and defend  the DoD Information Network for years to come.”

Further developments are intended to drive the DoD to improve effectiveness,  achieve IT efficiencies, and enhance security as well as realize full-spectrum  superiority.

As the DISA announcement explains, “The EOC will eventually provide combatant  commanders a robust and reliable situational awareness of DoDIN [DoD Information  Network] global operations and defensive cyber operations from a single site for  their assigned areas of responsibility.” Adding, “This will increase security,  operational flexibility, and responsiveness.

Members of DISA Europe Field Command officially commemorated the initial  operational capability milestone during a ribbon-cutting ceremony in  Stuttgart, Germany at the first regional Enterprise Operations  Center last  week.

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